Hot Reads: How ETFs Help The Bond Market

February 06, 2020

Compiled by Staff


ETFs Make Bond Market Safer, No Kidding (MarketWatch)
Investor sentiment toward bond ETFs has caught up to that of the industry: Nearly half of all 2019 inflows were into bond funds.


Tech Soars, Energy Sinks (The Capital Spectator)
U.S. equity sector performance in 2020 is a study in contrasts. 


Energy Vs. Tech Could Be Mean Reversion Of A Lifetime (Reformed Broker)
Getting to the heart of cyclical vs. secular, value vs. growth.


Importance Of The Sector Story (Validea)
The easiest explanation often doesn’t tell the full story.


Exit US Equities & Enter Emerging Markets? (Advisor Perspectives)
Is over-optimism pervasive and dangerous late in the business cycle?


This ETF Provides Exposure To Well-Vetted Factors (Morningstar)
Diversification is a powerful tool to control risk in 'LRGF.'


Why Is Shorting Stocks So Difficult? (Pragmatic Capitalism)
Finding the asymmetries via shorting is harder than you think.


Crash Course (The Humble Dollar)
Five valuable lessons from the 30-year Japanese stock decline.


Can Managed Futures Offset Equity Losses? (Newfound Research)
The diversified nature of most managed futures programs can potentially dilute equity-crisis-specific returns.



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