Hot Reads: How To Evaluate Smart Beta ETFs

December 10, 2019

Compiled by Staff


How To Evaluate Smart Beta ETFs (Factor Research)
Beta is like ice cream and comes in many flavors. Here's how to get the best scoop for you.


ETF Vs. Index Fund: Which To Use (U.S. News & World Report)
The main difference between ETFs and index funds is how they're traded.


Japanification Scourge Threatening To Go Global (Bloomberg)
First it was Japan. Then Europe. Now investors are scanning the world for the next outbreak of stagnant inflation and tumbling yields.


ESG ETF Bucket Portfolios For Retirees (Morningstar)
These in-retirement portfolios invest in ESG-friendly ETFs that should provide marketlike exposures.


Did You Miss One Of The Year's Best ETFs? (Yahoo Finance)
Biotech fund 'BBC' is flying high this year, due to Q4 gains.


Rules For Incorporating Factors In Your Portfolio (Humble Dollar)
A look at how an investor should view factors.


Investor Cash Balances Elevated Or Maybe Not So Much (Disciplined Investing) 
There's been an investor exodus from equities into cash, but it's not that high in terms of percentage.


Positioning For Rebound In Developed International Equities (WisdomTree)
Many investors have avoided developed international equity markets, but there’s plenty to be excited about.

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