Hot Reads: How Risky ETFs Won The Decade

December 24, 2019

Compiled by Staff


How Risky ETFs Won The Decade (Reuters)
Results for leveraged ETFs look strong, but they might not repeat that performance.


What To Expect From Markets In 2020 (Bloomberg)
Here are some investing themes and picks that money managers are favoring as we go into 2020.


Timing Trend Model With Momentum Specification (Newfound Research) 
Exploring whether model specification choices can be timed using momentum within the context of a naïve trend strategy.


ETF Face Off: Passive Or Active? (Rieger Report)
JR Rieger compares three sets of fixed income ETFs where there are passive and active funds available.


Top & Flop Currency ETFs Of 2019 (Zacks)
Currency ETFs had a mixed year, with some rising to the top and others lagging in performance.


Irrelevant 8 Consecutive New Highs in S&P 500 (Price Action Blog)
Any buzz around this occurrence is simply hype.


SPY Vs. SPY? World's Biggest ETF Clones Itself (MarketWatch)
More ETF shifts of this nature mimic evolution in mutual funds to dual-class share offerings.


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