Hot Reads: Institutions Eying Marijuana ETF

February 15, 2019

Compiled by Staff


Could Institutional Interest Be Next In ‘MJ’? (CNN Money)
Up 40% this year, the ETFMG Alternative Harvest ETF (MJ) remains one of 2019's most impressive nonleveraged ETFs. 

Gundlach: No Recession Looming (Yahoo)
Yet DoubleLine Capital’s CEO says that foreseeable horizon only lasts six months.


5 Inside ETFs Takeaways From Nate Geraci (ETF Educator)
Back in the day, only the nerds were at the ETF party. Now, everyone’s here.


How To Price Your Financial Planning Services (Kitces)
Clear pricing standards have gone out the window.


ESG Funds Outperform In Growth, Returns In 2018 (Think Advisor)
Number of ESG funds grows by 50%, while money gushed in.


Avoid These Blunders In Factor Investing (Institutional Investor)
Rob Arnott explains how factor investors set themselves up for disappointment.


ETFs Offer False Haven In Nonexistent Storm (Bloomberg Opinion)
Managers increasingly use ETFs to hedge their risks. It's probably unnecessary.


Robert Shiller: Biggest Global Risk (Advisor Perspectives)
Hint: It’s not populism, income equality or trade wars.


Buy The Dip, Or Dollar Cost Average? (Reformed Broker)
What the historical record and some incredible charts tell us.


The Elimination Of Risk (Irrelevant Investor)
It can be measured and managed, but never eradicated.


Avoiding Unintended Risks In Short-Term High Yield (MainStay)
Short-duration high-yield ETFs can be considered low-vol alternatives to a broad high-yield portfolio, but understanding risks is key.

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