Hot Reads: Insurance Firms Pile Into ETFs

June 03, 2019

Compiled by Staff


Insurance Companies Piling Into ETFs (CNBC)
Over a third of U.S. insurance companies were invested in ETFs in 2018.


Mexico ETF Slumps As Tariff Jab Hurts Stocks (Bloomberg)
Fund sees the most trading before the open in six weeks.


Mexico Tries To Avoid US Tariffs (CNBC)
Mexico’s president hinted his country could tighten immigration controls to defuse Trump’s threat to impose tariffs on Mexican goods. 


New ETF Vows To Make Hedge Funds Replaceable (Institutional Investor)
ETF from Dynamic Beta & iM Global Partner offers managed futures at a fraction of the cost.


Asset Managers Can Help Advisors With ESG: Cerulli (Think Advisor)
The two need to work together to meet ESG's growing demand.


Smarter Way To Use Smart Beta ETFs (Seeking Alpha)
Some things to keep in mind when constructing a smart beta portfolio. 


Look Beyond Expense Ratios To Evaluate ETFs' Cost (SPDR)
Selecting ETFs based only on expense ratios could end up costing you more.


Mayday! Mayday! (Indexology) 
"Sell in May and go away" would have been a good strategy this year.

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