Hot Reads: Interview With Father Of VIX

May 20, 2020

Compiled by Staff


Interview With Father Of The VIX (Bloomberg)
Robert Whaley, who built the Cboe’s popular volatility index almost 30 years ago, says he still watches it daily.

Will Stock & Bond Performance Converge? (Morningstar)
Considering the possibility of a new investment paradigm.


Low Bond Returns Are Nothing New (Wealth of Common Sense)
Government bond yields remain unbelievably low across the maturity spectrum.


Why Failed Predictions Don't Matter (Of Dollars & Data)
On the costs (or lack thereof) of being wrong about the future.


Where’s The ETF Space Headed? (Seeking Alpha)
Reaping the many potential benefits the world’s fastest growing investment vehicle offers investors.


Investors Thought Dysfunctional Bond Markets Could Bite Them (Institutional Investor)
They were right.


Dividend Cuts Pose Index Construction Questions For Providers (ETF Stream)
Index providers employ different construction methodologies for income indexes.


Rethinking Retirement Income (Morningstar)
Examining the implications of this market for retirees.

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