Hot Reads: Investors Bail On Momentum

November 07, 2019

Compiled by Staff


Momentum ETFs Suffer Record Exodus (Bloomberg)
Nearly $1.6 billion exited funds last month.


Robos' SRI Portfolios Outperform Their Traditional Ones (InvestmentNews)
New report finds robos' sustainable offerings outpace their vanilla ones.


Has The World Gone Mad? (Pragmatic Capitalism)
Digging into a recent controversial piece by Ray Dalio.


Should Dividend Investors Sweat Interest-Rate Risk? (Morningstar)
Owning quality companies that regularly return cash is smart in all rate environments.


Glitch Allows Trader To Make $1.7M On $3K (MarketWatch)
The Robinhood trading app briefly allowed traders unlimited amounts of borrowed money.


Inflation Expectations At Record Low As Treasury Forecast Rises (The Capital Spectator)
There are conflicting data points about the future of inflation.


Stop Blaming The Factors, Scientific Beta Says (Institutional Investor)
The poor performance of multifactor strategies can be prevented, according to Scientific Beta researchers.


New Morningstar Fund Rating System Raises Bar (Morningstar)
It has altered its methodology by streamlining its rating system and putting more emphasis on fees.


Are Gold Miners A Buy After Their Earnings Reports? (ETF Daily News)
A look at the latest numbers from gold miners, and what they mean for this segment.  

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