Hot Reads: Investors Embrace Gold ETFs Anew

August 22, 2019

Compiled by staff


Investors Hoard Most Gold In ETFs In 6 Years (Bloomberg)
Gold ETF inflows have hit 1,000 tons since holdings bottomed in 2016 after a long unwind in wake of the global financial crisis.


‘Last Domain’ Of Active Managers (Institutional Investor)

As credit investors shift to passive, factor funds and duration risk may save the active bond manager.


Where Were Factor Crowds This Summer? (MSCI) 

A look at what the different factors have been up to thus far in 2019.


5 Investment Themes For Fall (BlackRock)

How to play tech, European stocks and more in the coming months.


Is US Turning Japanese? (Wealth Of Common Sense)

The two economies are starting to look very similar.


Medical Device Bull Market To End Soon (Seeking Alpha) 

Regulatory and tariff risks seem to be on the rise and aren’t priced into the holdings of “IHI.”


Palladium: Secret Weapon In Fighting Pollution (Visual Capitalist) 

Palladium lets car manufacturers meet stricter emission standards, making it a secret weapon for fighting pollution going forward.

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