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Hot Reads: Investors Exit Banking ETFs In Droves |

Hot Reads: Investors Exit Banking ETFs In Droves

August 12, 2019

Compiled by Staff


Traders Exiting Bank ETFs At Fastest Pace This Year (Bloomberg)
XLF” sees eight days of outflows in a row.


Reverse Cap Weighting The S&P 500 (Indexology)
Exploiting the allocation inefficiency of cap weighting through equal weighting is only a half measure.


Why Bonds Are The Better Hedge Now (BlackRock)
Because of the greenback, Treasuries beat the yen and gold. 


How Much Money Do You Need To Retire? (CNBC)
When it comes to retirement savings, theory often differs from reality.

Growth Beats Value In A World Of Unlimited Capital (RB)
An analysis of book value doesn’t capture things like intellectual property and brand.


Time To Go Short Volatility (Seeking Alpha) 
Why investors should take a look at “ZIV.”


Low Vol Factor: Obscurity To Stardom (Factor Research)
Given the popularity of low volatility, investors might expect structural shifts in the factor characteristics.


ETF For Exposure To Short-Term, High-Yield Bonds (Morningstar)
SHYG” is a decent choice with a low price tag.


Bullish View Amid China Uncertainty (WisdomTree)
Behind the Fed move, China tariffs and employment numbers, there’s plenty to be excited about.

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