Hot Reads: Key ETF Cost Advisors Overlook

September 17, 2019

Compiled by Staff


Chief ETF Cost Advisors Often Overlook (Investment News)
Spoiler alert: It's not the expense ratio.


Why Money Rushing Into Small Cap ETFs (Investopedia)
Small cap stocks are having a bit of a resurgence after a rather tumultuous year.


When Financial Advisors Give Bad Advice (Morningstar)
It happens less often than in the past, but more often than it should.


Rich Families Pour Into $31T ESG Opportunity (Bloomberg)
Investment strategies shift as millennials inherit fortunes.


Oil ETF Sees Biggest Trading Spike Since Jan. (Bloomberg)
XOP” sees 25 times its average pre-session trading volume.


3 Growth Drivers For RSX (Seeking Alpha) 
“RSX” could have some upside ahead.


Momentum Meltdown, Not Trend-Following Meltdown (Disciplined Systematic Global Macro Views)
Trend-following and momentum strategies are not the same thing.


Is Low Vol The New Value? (Factor Research)
The low volatility factor exhibited significant exposure to value since 1989.


3 ETFs To Consider For Value Resurgence (MarketWatch)
Value ETFs are on the mend, a theme that's rightfully been garnering considerable attention.

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