Hot Reads: Latest Research Shows Uptick in Asia-Specific ETFs

August 01, 2022

Compiled by Staff


New Report Projects Enduring Growth in Asia ETFs (Financial Times) 

Cerulli Associates Consulting says ETFs are gaining popularity among institutional and retail investors alike. 


What Eco-Conscious ETF Investors May Need To Know (CNBC) 

Sustainable funds outperformed their peers last year, but by a narrower margin than in previous years. 


Small Caps Tempt Investors with Cheap Valuations (Reuters) 

Shares of smaller U.S. companies are outpacing a rally in the broader equity market. 


What Constitutes a Recession? (Advisor Perspectives) 

It's more complicated than you think. 


Why Investors Are Betting on the Fed (ThinkAdvisor) 

Are investors in a gambling mood when it comes to the Federal Reserve? 


Larry Summers: Powell's Call on Neutral Fed Rate 'Indefensible' (Financial Advisor) 

The former treasury secretary is concerned the Fed is still engaging in "wishful thinking" about how much it will take to bring inflation down from four-decade highs. 


The Fed Should Get Ready for Higher Unemployment (Advisor Perspectives) 

Is there really a path toward a soft landing? 


Bitcoin, Ether On Track For Best Month Since 2021 (Advisor Perspectives) 

The benchmark is due in part to a revival of risk appetite in global markets. 


Looking Back at the Crypto Meltdown (A Wealth of Common Sense) 

And where crypto stands today. 

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