Hot Reads: Low Vol Strategies Could Disappoint

January 29, 2020

Compiled by Staff


Investors Poured Billions Into This Strategy (Institutional Investor)
Are investors who plowed assets into low vol funds getting what they thought?


Goldman Sachs Files To Create Unprecedented Type Of ETF (Market Insider)
The ETF could benefit from its lack of transparency, says Goldman.


Defining ESG Investing & Understanding Its Uses (ThinkAdvisor)
Panel of experts on the strategy explain some of the differences.


As ETF Market Expands, A ‘Death Knell’ For Investor Suits (Reuters)
Ruling last week from a California appeals court makes it harder for investors to sue if they feel ETFs failed to tell them about significant risks.


Has The 1st ‘Correction Since October’ Started? (Zacks)
Here are some ETFs to play for that.


Markets Have Good Reason To Sweat Coronavirus (Bloomberg)
Fast-spreading mystery virus is last thing global economy needs.


CFRA Enhances Its ETF Rating System (ThinkAdvisor)
New system “more closely aligns” firm’s stock and mutual fund research.


Incumbency (Reformed Broker)
It’s hard to imagine the next big thing being a new ETF.


‘Downfall’ Of Absolute Return Funds (Institutional Investor)
The strategy, touted for its diversification, is losing assets, according to Cerulli.


What The 2020s Will Look Like For Markets (Wealth Of Common Sense)
Three things you can bank on as we move forward in a new decade.


SEC Released Cybersecurity, Data Loss Best Practices (ThinkAdvisor)
Report presents observations from exams; mobile security a big focus.


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