Hot Reads: Marijuana ETF Sponsoring UFC Fighter

June 07, 2019

Compiled by Staff


Cage Fighter Sponsored By Pot ETF (Bloomberg)
Heavyweight fighter wears “MJ”-branded training gear.


Fixed Income Investing When Inflation Is Dormant (Morningstar)
Ensuring against the possibility of change.


Why Decade Of Bull Markets Hasn't Fixed Pension Funding (Institutional Investor)
Public pension funds are in worse shape now than they were in 2008.


Next Step In Bond Laddering (BlackRock)
Defined maturity ETFs can vastly simplify laddering high yield bonds.


Market Protections Needed Before Bitcoin ETF Approval (CoinTelegraph)
SEC chairman says regulator needs to ensure no market manipulation can occur.


False Narrative: Rise Of Emerging Market Middle Class (Invesco)
Growing, homogenous EM middle class is a fallacy—except in China.


Why ETFs Are Stock Pickers’ Best Protection (Investopedia)
When market liquidity plunges, ETFs are a great protection.


2 Volatility-Avoiding ETFs Weathered May's Swoon (IBD)
“SPLV” and “USMV” did exactly what they were supposed to during the month.


Rise Of Fundamental Factors In China A Shares (MSCI) 
Value and quality performance have strengthened recently in China's market.


Only A Good Idea In Hindsight (Wealth Of Common Sense) 
It’s rare to know which businesses or stocks are going to be successful in the moment.

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