Hot Reads: Markets Brace For Iran's Punch Back

January 07, 2020

Compiled by Staff


What Geopolitics Mean For The Market (Bloomberg)
The big money is on high alert for any change to post-Iran calm. 


Retainer-Based Pricing The New RIA Business Model? (WM)
The retainer-based fee movement is a growing alternative to the AUM-based model.


Controversial Dual-Class Stocks Get An ETF  (Bloomberg)
To launch, ETC will change indexes for its forensic accounting ETF.


The Case For Inflation-Linked Bonds (BlackRock)
Why inflation-linked bonds make sense in tactical and strategic portfolios.


Factors In Focus: Will 2020 Vision Sharpen Exposures? (MSCI)
The financial outlook for the year remained clouded by economic uncertainty, even before the recent flareup with Iran.


Trend Following Approaches (Disciplined Systematic Global Macro Views) 
There are two key choices for building managed futures trend-following portfolios: going deep or wide with diversification.


Will US-Iran Geopolitical Risk Upend Global Markets? (The Capital Spectator)
Processing the blowback risk will take time.


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