Hot Reads: Model Portfolio Landscape In 5 Charts

August 07, 2020

Compiled by Staff


The Model Portfolio Landscape In 5 Charts (Morningstar)
What to know about the rapidly growing list of third-party model portfolios.


Why Gold Could Head To $3,000 (Reformed Broker)
And why inflation may be the next shock that markets will have to deal with.


Robinhood Craze Is Now Moving Stocks Everywhere (Bloomberg)
The stuck-at-home trading phenomenon, born in the USA, has become a global craze.


ETF "Godfather" Worried About Retail Investors In Planned CLO ETF (Bloomberg)
Mom and pop may not be aware of liquidity concerns.


ARKF: Growth Ahead (Seeking Alpha)
The ARK Fintech Innovation ETF (ARKF) is targeting an area with a lot of growth ahead of it.


The Hidden Costs Of Hedge Funds (Institutional Investor)
Investors give up nearly half of their gross profits through incentive fees, according to an NBER working paper.


Booming Stock Market Drives Billions To Funds That Cap Losses (Bloomberg)
Buffer ETFs lure more than $2 billion so far this year in pandemic chaos.


China’s Higher Bond Yields Buck Global Trend (Advisor Perspectives)
Attributing the trend of rising bond yields to three factors.


Finding Recession-Proof ETFs In 2020 (Benzinga)
Sector ETFs might be just what you need to sleep better at night.


COVID-19 Expected To Shrink Asset Management By $2T (Institutional Investor)
A global decline in AUM ends more than a decade of growth for money managers.

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