Hot Reads: More To Value Than Low Prices

October 16, 2020

Compiled by Staff

More to Value Investing Than Low Prices (Morningstar)
Don't overlook profitability.


4 Financial Priorities For Millennials (Evidence-Based Investor)
The pandemic has influenced this cohort to prioritize saving over spending.


This Time Was Different (The Irrelevant Investor)
We must be very careful about what we think we know.


'MAGA' ETF Trailing The Market For One Reason (CNN Money)
There aren't many tech stocks in the MAGA ETF.


Index Investing Research Review (Capital Spectator)
A look at the latest research around passive investing.


Is Passive Investing Distorting The Market? (Validea)
The topic is complex, with no clear answers. 


Bond Ladders Get Second Look (MarketWatch)
Plus, the rise of “mini-me” ETFs.


$2B Solar ETF Joins Options Mania (Bloomberg)
Renewable energy companies outpace broader stock market.


Muni Bond Perspectives On The 2020 Election (Advisor Perspectives)
How election outcomes at all three levels of government could affect muni bonds.


Tech ETFs Sell Off As Value Plays Benefit (MarketWatch)
Tech-focused ETFs underperformed Thursday as the sector led market declines.

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