Hot Reads: Most Bullish Signal In The World

October 29, 2019

Compiled by staff


Most Bullish Signal In The World (Irrelevant Investor)
So is everyone bullish? Hardly.


Factor Orphans (Flirting With Models)
How do stocks not owned by any factor portfolio fare over time?


REITs Vs. REIT ETFs: The Best Way To Invest (Seeking Alpha)
Picking individual REITs requires more time than ETF investing, but the rewards can be greater.


Assets Continue Pouring Into ESG ETFs (Benzinga)
Last month, ESG ETFs listed around the world added $2.8 billion in new assets, growing about 8%.


Efficiency Is Ruining Hedge Funds (Bloomberg)
Maybe it's bad for stockpickers, but markets becoming more efficient is unambiguous good news. 


Schwab Could Disrupt ETF Industry (RIA Biz) 
Fractional shares and direct indexing are some of the ways Schwab could change the game.


Liquidity A Better Proxy For Size? (Alpha Architect) 
The total amount of daily traded dollars in a stock could be a better proxy for risk than SMB. 


Bond Market Trick Or Treating At The Fed (Reformed Broker)
Is the Fed “data dependent” or “market dependent”?


Everything You Need To Know About Recessions (Wealth Of Common Sense)
How you should think about recessions in the context of your portfolio.

ETFMG Files For Travel Tech ETF (Bloomberg)
'AWAY' will track online booking platforms, travel advice and ride sharing companies.


Value Investing: A Deep Dive Into Performance (Morningstar)
Why value has underperformed growth so dramatically in recent years.

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