Hot Reads: Most Shorted ETFs Soaring

April 16, 2019

Compiled by Staff


Most Heavily Shorted ETFs Soaring (CNBC)
On these bets, short-sellers could come up short when the ETFs rally instead.


BlackRock Profit Stalls Despite Growth In ETFs (The Street)
Largest publicly traded money management firm said first quarter profit slipped 3% year-on-year.


Where Harry Markowitz Is Invested Now (Think Advisor)
Father of modern portfolio theory also thinks AI should stand for "artificial idiocy."


$4T Stock Rally Has Buyers Flooding Largest ETF (Bloomberg)
SPY” had biggest weekly inflow since December.


Health Care ETFs To Move On Earnings (CNBC)
Health care is the only market sector still in the red after a banner year as 2018′s best-performing sector.

How One Firm Uses ETFs For Dividend Income (FA)
An interview with Wes Strode, senior portfolio manager at Portfolio Design Advisors.


Gender & Diversity Funds: Intentional? (Morningstar)
How “SHE” compares to other gender-lens funds in proxy voting and engagement.


ETFs For Dividend-Thirsty Clients, With Greater Risk (Financial Planning)
QDEF,” “PEY” and “SCHD” offer dividends with decent Sharpe ratios.


Market Turbulence, Policy Reversal Shouldn't Scare Investors (BlackRock)
We’re actually at a moment of remarkable economic stability. 


Aggregate Investor Confidence In Stock Market  (Alpha Architect) 
A look at the effect of aggregate investor confidence on trading activity and risk appetite.

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