Hot Reads: Munis Vs. Treasury & Corporate Bonds

May 10, 2019

Compiled by Staff


Munis Vs. Treasury & Corporate Bonds (Rieger Report)
Munis appear rich relative to other fixed income options.


Understanding Compound Interest (CNBC)
If there's only one concept you need to know when saving for retirement, it's compound interest.


Vanguard's ‘VIG’ Better Than WisdomTree’s Counterpart? (Seeking Alpha)
Comparing “VIG” with “DGRW.”


Big Risk Lurking In ETF Markets (Institutional Investor)

Moody's issues warning about liquidity in credit ETFs. 


Most Actively Traded ETFs Of The Past Month (Wealth Management)
SPY,” “EEM” and “XLF'” top the list.


How’s Fed Changing Its Inflation Approach? (Invesco)
Changes could benefit U.S. and global macro performance, Invesco argues.


Comparing Growth ETFs (SeekingAlpha)
Vanguard's growth ETF offering grades as one of the best due to low expenses.


5 Safe ETFs For Market Uncertainty (InvestorPlace)
These safe ETFs could prove sturdy if international headline risk lingers.  


ETF Deathwatch: April 2019 (Invest With An Edge) 
In April, 33 funds were added to the list and 26 were removed. 

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