Hot Reads: Mutual Funds Under Siege

December 12, 2019

Compiled by Staff


The Slow Demise Of Mutual Funds (WM)
Mutual funds are under attack on all fronts. Can they survive?


Advisors Bypass ETFs With Expense Ratios Of Zero (Investment News)
Three ETFs launched with zero or negative expense ratios, but their inflows were blown out of the water by brand-name ETFs. 


Fed Not Moving Off Sidelines Unless Inflation Heats Up (CNBC)
Fed Chairman Jerome Powell said the Fed would like to see a move in inflation that is significant and persistent before it raises interest rates again.


Inflation A Global Issue (Disciplined Systematic Global Macro Views)
But what if globalization reverses?


2019: A Market Review (Indexology)
While the future is uncertain, 2019’s market movements can provide context for where we are and where we may be headed.


Looking At The Leadership Of The Rally (SPDR)
The rising tide in developed market stocks hasn't lifted all boats.


How To Avoid 'Dollar Cost Ravaging' (BlackRock)
What investors can do to help their nest eggs deliver for the long haul.


Ken Griffin Has Another Money Making Machine (Bloomberg)
How market maker Citadel Securities got to be so enormous.




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