Hot Reads: Is NatGas Next To Trade Below Zero?

June 03, 2020

Compiled by Staff


Is NatGas Next To Trade Below Zero? (Bloomberg)
Prices languish while European inventories at seasonal record.


Fed Reveals ETFs It Purchased In Emergency Lending Program (Bloomberg)
ETFs from Vanguard and BlackRock were the most heavily bought.


Crude Oil Rises Past $40 (Bloomberg)
Russia said to agree to one-month elongation of production cut agreement.


How Big Is The Racial Wealth Gap? (Of Dollars & Data)
A deeper look at economic inequality in the U.S.


Advisors Call For Industry Orgs To Speak Out Against Racism (RIA Intel)
In the wake of nationwide protests, RIA organizations have been silent, and their members have noticed.


Mutual Fund Assets Bounced Back In April, But Outflows Continued (ThinkAdvisor)
Research firm Cerulli also put a spotlight on interval funds, which can hold both liquid and illiquid assets.


3 Soaring Cybersecurity ETFs (Benzinga)
Apparently, cybersecurity ETFs don’t want their cloud counterparts to have all the fun.


What To Expect When You’re Expecting Outperformance (Bps & Pieces)
It’s easy to look at any factor return premium over a multidecade period and get lulled into a false sense of being offered a free lunch.


ESG Isn't Enough For Alpha (Institutional Investor)
But add in happy employees, and companies do tend to outperform.


The Mice That Roared (Mutual Fund Observer)
How two small funds threaten to disrupt two large industries.


Growth & Momentum Equity Factors Back? (Capital Spectator) 
They're the first risk factors to return to positive performance.

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