Hot Reads: Navigating ETF Premiums & Discounts

March 26, 2020

Compiled by Staff


Navigating ETF Premiums & Discounts In Turbulence (Morningstar)
Recent market volatility has led to extraordinary price dislocations.


Senate Passes $2T Coronavirus Stimulus Package (CNBC)
The bill now heads to the House.


Insiders’ Views On What’s To Come In Fixed Income, Economy (ThinkAdvisor)
Experts from across the investment spectrum discuss credit markets, stimulus and what to expect next.


Traders Pour $1B Into Biggest Credit ETF To Front-Run Fed (Bloomberg)
LQD” saw second-biggest inflow after Fed said it will buy ETFs.


Vanguard Expands Digital Advisor Pilot Program (ThinkAdvisor)
Investors can access the robo with $3,000 and a Vanguard brokerage account.


What To Do When The S%&! Hits The Fan (Pragmatic Capitalism)
Four concrete steps to take right now.


Retail Investors Nervous In Hypervolatility (Bloomberg)
Retail-friendly ETFs lost $2.8 billion last week.


What Is Happening In The Stock Market (The Irrelevant Investor)
The market is not broken, but it is undergoing a paradigm shift.


Will Trillions Of Dollars In Stimulus Raise Inflation? (The Capital Spectator) 
The macroeconomic earth has shifted in recent weeks to combat the fallout from COVID-19. 


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