Hot Reads: New S&P 500 High Possible This Year

May 28, 2020

Compiled by Staff


Which Stocks Will Fare Best After COVID-19? (ThinkAdvisor)
Jeremy Siegel predicts an “all-time” high in the S&P is likely this year if there is no “second wave.”



How Much Of The Bear Market Losses Have Been Recovered? (A Wealth Of Common Sense)
The stock market has erased most of its losses.



The Shortest & Sharpest Recession In History? (CNBC)
Market analysts weigh in on what to watch now. 



Does Adjusting For Risk Improve Active Performance? (Evidence-Based Investor)
Examining if the data bears this out.



The Trouble With Indexing High Yield Bonds (Morningstar)
"HYLB" illustrates the challenge of indexing the junk bond market.



Goldman: Cryptocurrencies ‘Are Not An Asset Class’ (CoinDesk)
The stalwart investment bank is still no fan of bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. 



40% Of Trading On SoFi Is In Fractional Shares (CNBC)
Allowing fractional stock purchases is viewed as a way to make investing more accessible.



Avoiding Volatility Is Even Harder Than It Looks (Bloomberg)
In an economywide crisis, defensive investments can get burned, too.



What Bears Hate The Most (Reformed Broker)
Have markets always made sense over short time horizons?



‘XHB’ Soars To Pre-Crisis Level On Sales Surprise (Bloomberg)
The SPDR S&P Homebuilders ETF (XHB) jumps to highest since March 6.



Airline ETF Soars As Travel Recovery Looks Imminent (MarketWatch)
JETS” was up more than 11.50% midday Tuesday.


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