Hot Reads: New Space ETF Outperforming

May 28, 2019

Compiled by Staff


New Space ETF Beating The Market (CNBC)
New space ETF that launched in April outperforming the market.

Cheap Vs. Expensive Countries (Factor Research) 
Value can be a tricky factor to stick with; it might be best to do so at the country level rather than the stock level. 


5 Summer Investing Themes (BlackRock)
With growing uncertainty ahead, here are some ways to navigate markets as summer approaches.


Less Than 25% Of Active Funds Outperform Long Term (Institutional Investor)
Few active stock funds—and even fewer active bond ones—beat benchmarks over 20 years.


What Could Move Markets Next? (BlackRock)
What clues lie in stock valuations?


Finding The ETF/Mutual Fund Sweet Spot (Financial Planning)
The journey one advisor took to save costs for his clients.


Bitcoin's Recent Volatility Threat To ETF Approval? (FXStreet)
Things are looking iffy regarding an ETF getting SEC approval. 


What Could Stress Emerging Markets? (MSCI) 
A strengthening U.S. dollar or major slowdown in China could present problems for EM.


No-Deal Brexit Looks More Likely (Bloomberg)
Getting to no-deal isn’t that simple; what you need to know.


Invesco Reorgs OppenheimerFunds ETFs Into Invesco ETFs (Yahoo)
Effective this month, Invesco reorganized the OppenheimerFunds ETFs following the acquisition of the firm.

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