Hot Reads: OPEC Agrees To Extend Cuts

July 02, 2019

Compiled by Staff


OPEC Agrees To Extend Production Cuts (CNBC)
Group agreed Monday to extend production cuts by nine months.


Morningstar Tweaking Ratings To Emphasize Cost (ThinkAdvisor)
Research firm also said to be making the ratings system tougher for active managers.


Who Are The ETF Giants? (Investopedia)
SEC concerned that their dominance may stifle competition.


Successful Growth Strategy In Emerging Markets (Morningstar)
Emerging markets takes a decidedly high quality growth approach.


The Story Of Markets In 2019 (Bloomberg)
The story of markets this year based on ETF flows. 


Buyback Derangement Syndrome (Alpha Architect)
Debunking myths about something a lot of companies do. 


Avoid Hong Kong For Now (Seeking Alpha) 
Political risk continues to rise, and there could be economic consequences.


Benefits Of Being Average (Wealth Of Common Sense) 
Being average can sometimes have above average results.

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