Hot Reads: ‘Panic Buying’ Ignites China ETFs

July 07, 2020

Compiled by Staff


'Panic Buying' Drives China ETF's Biggest Gain Since '09 (Bloomberg)
'FXI' surged 9.6% after Chinese media stokes stock rally.


This Clean Energy ETF Is Cleaning Up (Benzinga)
CNRG’ being buoyed by soaring alternative energy producers.


Wealth Management Firms Took PPP Loans (CNBC)
Wealth management firms were among those to have taken the government loans.


Wall Street Vs. Main Street (Parametric)
How the economy, the stock market and the fortunes of workers are drifting apart.


Heads I Win, Tails I Hedge (Flirting With Models)
For puts, volatility signals perform significantly better than price change-based signals.


4 Biggest Tech Stocks Worth More Than $1T (CNBC)
The four leading technology stocks have all surpassed a one trillion dollar market cap.


Asset Managers Tout ESG Strategies, But Rarely Live Up To Those Standards (Institutional Investor)
Managers can no longer ignore their own cultures.

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