Hot Reads: Peak Factor Investing?

April 05, 2019

Compiled by Staff


Is Factor Investing Interest Hitting A Peak? (ThinkAdvisor)

Morningstar finds growth in strategic-beta ETPs may have decelerated.


Index Bogeyman (Independence Advisors)

Despite increased popularity of index-based approaches, data continues to support the idea that markets are working.


Is ETF Market's Fast Break Offense Sustainable? (SPDR)

SPDR argues the best offense is a good defense.


3 Investing Ideas For 2Q 2019 (BlackRock) 

Consider getting a little more conservative during the second quarter.


Sell This Risky ETF (SeekingAlpha) 

The author believes “ARKK” has become overvalued and investors should exit their positions.


Top 4 iShares ETFs To Build A Portfolio (Forbes)
You're faced with a daunting list of 300+ ETFs to choose from, so which ETFs would make sense in a portfolio context?


A Man & His Signals (Reformed Broker)
Joe Granville made a lot selling a system that didn't work.


Morningstar Changing Bond Fund Reporting (Investment News)

Change could impact how advisors build bond portfolios.


Why Stocks Need Fed Even More (BlackRock)

With growth soft, financial conditions are key for investors.

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