Hot Reads: Pension Funds & Interest Rates

August 26, 2019

Compiled by Staff


Pension Funds Keep Interest Rates Low (SL Advisors)

Pensions should have moved away from bonds. They haven't.


AI & Machine Learning Next Frontier For ETFs (CNBC)
Artificial intelligence and machine learning could be the next frontier for ETFs to outperform the market.


Weekend Updates On US-China Trade War (CNBC)
Here's what happened between Friday and Sunday. 

Taxman Says, Stay Invested (Morningstar)

Timing the stock market is hard enough, even without the IRS' contribution.


A Compelling Multifactor ETF (Morningstar)

VFMF” targets stocks of all sizes with attractive value, momentum and quality.


Yuan, Tariffs & Your Portfolio (BlackRock)
Here are some tips on how to navigate markets amid escalating trade tensions. 


What's Ailing Small Cap ETFs? (MarketWatch)
Small cap companies should be more immune to trade wars, but they’re struggling this year.  


Does Stock Market Have A Say In Presidential Election? (Wealth Of Common Sense)

The economy is more important than the stock market when it comes to reelection chances for the president.


The Last Straw (MSCI)

Will plastic become the next stranded asset?

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