Hot Reads: Pot ETF Hits $1B, Again

February 06, 2019

Compiled by Staff


Canadian Pot ETF Retakes $1B Mark (Bloomberg)

ETFMG exchange-traded fund passed the $1 billion mark this week.


Millennials Turning To Robos In Response To Volatility (InvestmentNews)

But boomers prefer a financial advisor to mitigate risk.


Myriad Ways ETFs Differ From Mutual Funds (CNBC)

Key players: cost, tax implications, how they trade, how they're managed.


Factor Investing As An Edge (WisdomTree)

Astoria Portfolio Advisors' John Davi shares his thoughts on how investors should position their ETF portfolios.


Can Value Investors Do Good? (Factor Research) 
Combining ESG and value investing can result in an improved risk/return ratio.


Financial Education & Financial Outcomes (Alpha Architect) 
The relationship between the two is complicated. 


Bill Gross Misfired But Had Right Idea (Bloomberg)

Active managers need to make risky wagers, even if they could go bust.


Best MLPs To Buy Now (Barron's)

Is this high-yielding group's run-up over?


Asset Manager Returning Fees To Investors (Institutional Investor)

Infrastructure specialist IFM Investors handing out rebates after strong performance year.

Commodities Performance In January (Indexology) 

Asset class off to impressive start in 2019.

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