Hot Reads: The ‘Pot Of Gold’ ETFs Haven’t Cracked

December 26, 2019

Compiled by Staff


The ‘Pot Of Gold’ ETFs Haven’t Yet Cracked (MarketWatch)
2020 vision: ETFs currently hold about 30% of the amount of assets mutual funds do. But that may soon change quickly.


IPOs Beat The Market This Year (CNBC)
The Renaissance IPO Index is up 34% — outperforming the S&P 500 in what could be a historic year for stocks. Health care and technology were the top IPO performers for the fifth straight year.


Retiree’s Guide To High-Yield ETFs (Forbes)
This survey of high-payout funds will steer you to the bargains and warn you of the pitfalls.

7 of the Best ETFs for Downside Protection (
Investors looking for downside protection can find some gems in this group of ETFs.


The Importance Of An Allocation to Global Assets (WM)
Having a strategic allocation to global assets puts portfolios in the best position to achieve long-term growth.


Foreigners Top Saudi Stock Buyers (Bloomberg)
International investors were the biggest purchasers of shares in Saudi Arabia last week, when oil giant Saudi Aramco started to be added to main gauges tracking emerging-market equities.

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