Hot Reads: Recovery Vs. Economic Collapse

May 06, 2020

Compiled by Staff


Can The Market's Recovery Survive Economic Collapse? (Capital Spectator)
Sentiment in the U.S. equity market continues to look on the bright side despite dismal economic numbers, which are set to become even grimmer.


7 Mind Blowing Charts (Validea)
Visual representations of some staggering and unprecedented statistics.


ESG A Win For Stocks, Less So For Bonds (Bloomberg)
The pandemic has been a boon for ESG stock funds, but not ESG bond funds. 

Headwinds Approaching: Are ESG Investors Prepared? (CFA Institute)
What sector weights and growth/value tilts could mean for ESG investment strategies.


Financial Planning Stands Tall During Crisis (WealthManagement)
We are seeing a new spike of activity that is showcasing the power of financial planning.

Why You Should Invest In Stocks (Of Dollars & Data)
A different framework for thinking about equity investing.

ETF Traders Defy Warren Buffett's Warning About Airlines (Bloomberg)
'JETS' extends a 44-day streak of inflows, totaling $632 million.

More Is Less (The Irrelevant Investor)
All investment strategies can be undone by excessive leverage.

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