Hot Reads: Reinvest Your Dividends

October 01, 2020

Compiled by Staff


Reinvest Your Dividends (MarketWatch) 
Expected 10-year return suffers when U.S. stock ownership is above-average — like now.


Fed Extends Dividend & Buyback Ban On Banks (Bloomberg)
The Fed has its unprecedented constraints on dividend payments and share buybacks for the biggest U.S. banks.


Government Shutdown Averted (CNBC)
President Trump on Thursday signed a bill to keep the government running into December after funding briefly lapsed.


Alpha In The Alts ETF Space (Wealth Management)
Alternatives funds “MNA,” “SH,” “QYLD” and “CWB” all outperformed in September.


Treasury Cash Could Lift Airline ETF (MarketWatch)
JETS” rising to notoriety due in part to the Robinhood crowd and with plenty of help from Uncle Sam.


Tail Events: Historical, Implied & Subjective Distributions (Disciplined Systematic Global Macro Views) 
Macro tail events actually occur more often than what you may think.


Income Investors Breathing Easier (Parametric Portfolio)
With the slowing pace of payout cuts and changes in index yields, need income investors worry about the rest of 2020?


Not Exactly True (Humble Dollar) 
Unpacking some common misunderstandings some people have about investing.


Investing’s Real Magic Formula (Validea)
If you’re thinking “compounding,” you’re not wrong.

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