Hot Reads: Republicans May Block Trump Mexico Tariffs

June 05, 2019

Compiled by Staff


Republicans May Block Trump Mexico Tariffs (Politico)
GOP senators left a closed-door meeting with White House officials deeply frustrated with the president's plans.


After Election, India ETF Adds Most Since 2015 (Bloomberg)
Will INDA's gains be short-lived?


Tech & The Fight For Future Cash Flow (BlackRock)
Investors should ignore day-to-day news and focus on long-term cash flows.


Is Factor Momentum Really Everywhere? (Alpha Architect) 

Individual factors display strong serial correlation, according to recent research.


‘Dumb Money’ In ETFs Isn’t So Dumb After All (Bloomberg)
Retail ETF investors have found a smart strategy to deal with never-ending market drama. 


Which Came First—The Chicken Or The Egg? (WisdomTree)
Some say dropping Treasury yields pushed U.S. stocks lower, but it’s typically the other way around. Has there been a paradigm shift?


3 More Strategies For Extra Innings (SPDR)
More ideas on how investors can position their portfolios for the rest of the year.


ETFs Gain On Other Investment Options (FA)
Alternative investments such as cannabis are the winners, and cryptocurrencies the losers in the “2019 Trends in Investing Survey."

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