Hot Reads: Retail Driving Muni Bond Rally

July 31, 2019

Compiled by Staff


Who's Driving The Muni Rally? (BlackRock)
Retail demand has been nothing short of sensational.


Fed To Cut For 1st Time Since 2008 (CNBC)
Market pros expect the Fed to cut rates by a quarter point Wednesday afternoon and leave the door open to a further move.


Even Pickens Falling Out Of Love With Oil (Bloomberg)
Venerable oil baron’s ETF abandoning Brent crude for renewables says it all.


Short History Of Fed Rate Cuts (Wealth Of Common Sense)
If a rate cut happens, it would be unusual in the greater context of history.


Social Security Funding Levels Rise, Challenges Remain (Invesco)
Trust funds now expected to be depleted one year later, in 2035.


Deceleration’ (Reformed Broker)
2019 is a deceleration from 2018, but only because 2018 was unusual.


Portfolio Rebalancing Reconsidered (MarketWatch)
Consider combining it with a momentum strategy. 


RSX’ Has No Real Driver For Growth (Seeking Alpha) 
‘RSX’ has a lot of additional risk and not a lot of elements to drive its upside.

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