Hot Reads: Saudis Race To Restore Oil Output

September 16, 2019

Compiled by Staff


Saudis Race To Restore Output After Attack (Bloomberg)
Drone attack knocked off one-half of Saudi's oil production, but the Kingdom hopes to bring a big chunk of that back online soon. 


Value Outperformance May Not Last (CNBC)
In the last two weeks, value ETFs have far outperformed growth ETFs, but the trend may not last, say experts. 


Value Seeing Renewed Interest (Seeking Alpha)
In particular, “SCHV” offers attractive dividend growth.


Back-To-School (Momentum) Blues? (MSCI)
Momentum has had a rocky time of it over the summer, with more of the same expected.


Brutal Truth About Factor Investing (Institutional Investor)
Active managers have a better chance at successfully managing factors than fundamental portfolios.


A Market Of Stocks (Wealth Of Common Sense)
ETFs aren't propping up every name in the S&P 500 just because it's in the index.


Goldman Using JPM's Own Tactics Against It In ETF Battle (Bloomberg)
Bank follows competitor with plans for broad stock funds.


How Have Hedge Funds For The Masses Performed? (Morningstar)
Replication funds met their expectations, which is why they're not likely to attract buyers.

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