Hot Reads: Schwab To Buy TD Ameritrade

November 21, 2019

Compiled by Staff


Charles Schwab To Buy TD Ameritrade (Bloomberg)
Deal would consolidate an industry reeling from a price war.


Fed Sees Little Need For Further Cuts (CNBC)
The stance of policy “likely would remain” where it is “as long as incoming information about the economy did not result in a material reassessment of the economic outlook,” the Fed said.


You Don't Need To Pick Stocks (Bloomberg)
You can reconstruct any combination of stock weights by owning (or shorting) ETFs instead.


The Illusion Of The Value Factor & Alpha (Advisor Perspectives)
Despite decades of “value factor” promotion, it generates scant alpha.


Bond ETF Flows Surpass Stock ETFs For The First Time Since 2009 (Investment News)
Investors are ignoring low yields in pursuit of safety.


Vanguard's Explosive Growth Takes On 'Life Of Its Own' (Marketwatch)
Once a scrappy underdog, Vanguard now has more market share than the next three competitors combined.


Hollywood Firm Launches LGBTQ ESG Index (ETF Stream) 
The LGBTQ100 ESG index incorporates LGBTQ community survey data in its methodology.


A 'Protective' Alternative To The 60/40 Portfolio (Validea) 
With U.S. stocks up nearly 350% off the 2009 lows and interest rates at historical lows, some investors are wondering if the 60/40 stock/bond portfolio has the same risk reduction and return benefits as it has in the past. 


Countries Ranked By Economic Complexity (Visual Capitalist) 
Complex economies have a wide variety of exports with low ubiquity and high sophistication.

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