Hot Reads: SEC Cracks Down On ETF Names

April 15, 2019

Compiled by Staff


SEC Cracks Down On ETF Names (Bloomberg) 
Regulator becoming stricter about misleading names as themed ETFs proliferate.


Under The Hood Of SoFi's No-Fee ETFs (Financial Planning)
Could the no-fee indexed products encourage more active investing?


Whatever Happened To BRICS? (CNBC)
They were supposed to take over the global economy. What happened?


Rick Ferri Challenging AUM Fee Model (Think Advisor)
With his new firm, Ferri says clients should only pay for what they need.


5 Reasons You Should Own AAAU (Seeking Alpha)
Among other reasons, “AAAU” offers liquid access to securely stored physical bullion.


6 Takeaways From Larry Fink's Shareholder Letter (Investment News)
For starters, BlackRock's CEO and chairman thinks investors don't know where to turn.


3 Tactical Sector Opportunities For Q2 (SPDR)
Consider growth plays in clean energy, 5G and biotech. 


How To Improve Your Risk-Adjusted Returns (Irrelevant Investor)
The more you look at your portfolio, the more likely you are to see red, and therefore, more likely to do something you’ll regret. 

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