Hot Reads: SEC Delays Bitcoin Decision ETF, Again

August 13, 2019

Compiled by Staff


SEC Delays Crypto ETF Decisions, Citing Market Concerns (Bloomberg)
Regulator asks for additional comments on Bitwise fund.


Vanguard Admits Holding Gun Stocks In Gun-Free ETFs (Think Advisor)

An index provider error led to the firm putting Sturm Ruger in its two ESG ETFs.


All Eyes On Potential 2-Yr/10-Yr Inversion (CNBC)
Treasury yield curve has been warning on a recession; strategists say it’s about to send a louder and stronger message, as the 10-year yield looks set to fall below the 2-year note yield.


Active Mutual Funds More Liquidity Risk In Crisis Than ETFs (Bloomberg)
Liquidity risk isn’t unique to ETFs, but ETFs could actually temper a crisis due to their features.


Is Time Really Money? (Alpha Architect)
Effect of the length of the investment period on the risk of investment has long been debated in the finance literature.


China's Harsh Reality May Benefit Vietnam (Seeking Alpha) 
Major winners from the trade war are likely the countries neighboring China.


Yuan, Tariffs & Your Portfolio (BlackRock)
Tips on how to navigate markets amid escalating trade tensions.


You Can’t Train A Great White Shark Or Control Global Trade (Invesco)
The making of a classic suspense movie shows us that confidence can’t trump reality.

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