Hot Reads: SEC Examines ETF Competition

April 08, 2019

Compiled by Staff


SEC Suddenly Concerned That Big 3 Dominate ETFs (Barron’s)
ETF industry has a competition problem.


ETFs: Past, Present & Future (Vanguard)
Vanguard's short, happy history of the ETF.


Why You Should Buy & Hold 'LIT' (Seeking Alpha)
LIT” targets a space likely to see a strong demand uptick.


Why Stocks May Not Care About Bad Earnings (CNBC)
Q1 earnings expected to decline, but some analysts believe quarter will mark bottom of period of lousy profit comparisons.


Why Not Just Buy ‘XLE’ & Be Done With It? (Seeking Alpha)
A look at the pros and cons of owning this low-cost ETF versus investing in individual energy companies.


Risk Parity Beats Endowment Model (Institutional Investor)
New research finds that for diversification, risk parity wins over big alternatives allocation.


How Good Science Can Weed Out Bad Managers (Institutional Investor)
Scientific rigor—and skepticism—can help investors avoid underperformers.


Are Mutual Funds Hurt By Shareholder Decisions? Morningstar)
Does the biggest criticism of mutual funds hold water?


Fund Fees Set To Fall Below Zero (NY Times)
Major companies will soon pay you to invest with them.


Banks Race To Integrate ETFs Into Liquidity Strategies (Euromoney)
Investors using ETFs as tactical tools and strategic, longer-term allocations, so banks are investing heavily to capture this business.  


Reassessing US Valuations (WisdomTree)
S&P 500 Index saw its best start to a year in two decades—where do U.S. equity valuations stand now?


What Yield Curve Inversions Have Meant For Markets (MSCI)
While it typically signals a recession, it's not clear what a yield curve inversion means for stock prices and Treasury rates.


BlackRock: Investors Underestimate Climate Risks (ThinkAdvisor)
Miami loses 1% of its annual GDP to climate events. New York and others are next.

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