Hot Reads: Sept. Usually Worst Stock Month

September 03, 2019

Compiled by Staff


Sept Usually Worst Month Of Year (CNBC)
Stocks exit a volatile August, heading into what historically is a worse month for the market.


Investors Rush Into Gold (Bloomberg)
Inflows into bullion-backed ETFs topped 100 tons in August to hit the highest since February 2013.


Competition Among TAMPS Rises (Investment News)
Advisors' growing interest in outsourcing lures new entrants to TAMP space. 


Digging Into ‘NERD (Seeking Alpha)
Why “NERD” should have a place in your portfolio.


Improving The Odds Of Value (Factor Research)
Attempting to improve allocations to the value factor with the aid of the yield curve.


Replicating Broad Market Beta With Sectors (SPDR)
How sector ETFs can help investors achieve tax loss harvesting.


Pros & Cons Of Currency Hedging (BlackRock)
With the dollar remaining strong, does hedging international currency make sense?


Fantasy Football & ETFs (WisdomTree)
What the draft can teach us about rules-based investing.


How To Bring Some Virtue To Your Bond Portfolio (MarketWatch)
A look at fixed income ETFs that apply environmental, social and governance screens.

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