Hot Reads: Shortcoming Of Short Term Bond ETFs

September 25, 2019

Compiled by Staff


Short-Term Treasury ETFs Offer Safety, Not Much Else (Morningstar)
These ETFs protect against inflation and the potential for loss of principal.


Avoid Interest Rate Volatility With This ETF (Seeking Alpha)
 “FLOT” delivers a higher dividend than most short-term income investments with far less volatility.


Is It The Right Time To Invest In REIT ETFs? (Zacks)
A closer look at the factors making the space red hot for investors.


An Interview With The Fed’s James Bullard (WisdomTree)
Bullard, president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, on the outlook for monetary policy.


Fed: What The Rise Of Passive Is Doing To Markets (Institutional Investor)
Fed weighs in on how passive has amplified some risks while reducing others.


What Pricing Carbon Means For Investors (BlackRock)
Why BlackRock now allows advisors to stress-test portfolios against future carbon price scenarios.


Understanding Dividend Strategies Through A Factor Lens (SPDR)
Why did dividend strategies underperform in a market made for them?


There Are No Secrets (Dollars & Data)
Why there are no easy answers in investing.


The Volatility Effect, Revisited (Alpha Architect)
Is there a "low-risk effect," and if so, how do we capture it?

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