Hot Reads: Small ETF Issuers Finally Get A Break

October 17, 2019

Compiled by Staff


Boutique ETF Issuers Finally Get A Break (Alpha Architect) 
Commission-free trading and the ETF Rule change the game for smaller issuers.


Do Target Date Funds Fail To Live Up To Expectations? (ThinkAdvisor)
Report from Alight Solutions finds participants not using TDFs as they were intended to be used.


Great ETFs To Invest In Climate Change (U.S. News & World Report) 
Some strategies to consider for investing in the planet.


Politics Prove Toxic For Policy ETF (Bloomberg)
EventShares rebranding "PLCY" for third time in two years.


Index Providers Warn: ‘Unintended Consequences’ From Regulation (ETF Stream)
Will lack of regulatory harmonization across jurisdictions create problems for end investors and the industry?


Where Are The Factors? (BlackRock)
Investors are increasingly using factor strategies, but you wouldn't know it from their portfolios.


Where ESG Fails (Institutional Investor)
Is there a better model for socially responsible funds?

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