Hot Reads: Smart Beta Hitting A Wall

May 09, 2019

Compiled by Staff


Smart Beta Might Not Be So Smart After All (Bloomberg)
Research suggests factor investing’s success will be fleeting.


Institutional Investors Are All In On Emerging Markets (Institutional Investor)
They saw the volatility coming and welcomed it.


Option-Based Strategies: Opt In Or Out? (CFA)
“BXM” and “PUT” capture common options strategies in ETF form.


Manage Risk, Don't Fear It (Morningstar)
How to use ETFs like “SCHO” to dial down risk.


As Global Equities Rally, Is Everyone Getting A Trophy? (SPDR)
A look at April ETF flows suggests the current rally isn't all it seems. 


Overview Of Infrastructure & MLPs (Invesco)
A deep dive on these important alternative assets.


Factor Investing In Saudi Arabia (MSCI) 
Controlling exposure to small caps has been a successful strategy.


Ticking REIT ETF Time Bomb (Seeking Alpha) 
“KBWY” has some problems lurking beneath the surface.


Wall St Hedges For All Outcomes In Trade Showdown (CNBC)
"If things work out this week, we'll probably go back to where we were last Friday. I would say 2% upside vs. 10% downside," said one analyst.

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