Hot Reads: Smart Beta’s Dumb Luck

November 19, 2019

Compiled by Staff


The Dumb (Timing) Luck Of Smart Beta (Newfound Research) 
The large magnitude of timing luck suggests that any conclusions drawn from performance comparisons between smart beta ETFs or against a standard style index may be spurious.


5 Reasons Investors Are Chasing Risk (ThinkAdvisor)
Investors occasionally forget that risk is risky.


Active Managers Just Can’t Win The Loser’s Game (Bloomberg)
They’ve improved many aspects, but are still underperforming.


A Mysterious Force Took Over Investing. Here's What It Is (Institutional Investor)
One writer's take on the link between declining value, hedge funds and alpha.


Fixed & Credit-Carry ARP Performed Well In 2019 (Disciplined Systematic Global Macro Views)
These simple strategies have performed better than many well-established equity risk premia.


VNQ: Why Upside Potential Is Limited In REIT ETFs (Seeking Alpha)
REIT ETFs hit record highs after a multiyear consolidation on the backdrop of lower interest rates.  


Growth ETF Run Not Over (CNBC)
Money is creeping back into value plays, but that doesn’t mean growth’s run is over.


New ETF Structure Has Major Liquidity Problems (WM)
Two commissioners argue that in market downturns, investors won’t get a fair price for their shares in nontransparent active ETFs.


Female Advisors Start Their Own Firms To Prosper (U.S. News & World Report)
Women are more likely to leave the financial services industry midcareer than in any other field.


Bull Market Has Warped Your Global Stock Portfolio (Morningstar)
It's made you wealthy, but it has also likely increased your price risk.


Survey: Investors Focused On Controlling Risk In 2020 (SPDR)
New research finds investors want to protect their portfolios from these risks.


Why Vanguard’s Chief Economist Sees Risk Of ‘Large Drawdown’ (MarketWatch)
Joe Davis isn’t so sure the latest narrative calling for a stronger global economy in 2020 holds.

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