Hot Reads: S&P 500 Concentration A Concern

November 06, 2020

Compiled by Staff


S&P 500 Or S&P 5? (ETF Stream)
Is the current concentration sustainable long term?


Active Management Finally Gets A Win (Institutional Investor)
A college endowment gets sued for trailing the S&P 500 Index, but the lawsuit is dismissed.


Rising Coronavirus Risks Could Derail Economy (Capital Spectator)
The U.S. economic rebound is increasingly threatened by the re-acceleration of Covid-19 cases, fatalities and hospitalizations.


The Birth, Growth & Death Of Investing Factors (Validea)
Has the effectiveness of momentum and value been eliminated?


ETF Wrap: Where Are My Returns? (MarketWrap)
Also, all that glitters, and some wild post-election moves.


Unwrapping The Value Conundrum (ETF Stream)
Predictions that value is dead are growing louder, but there’s life in the factor yet.


No Surprises From FOMC Meeting (Morningstar)
Interest rates likely to stay near zero through 2024.


Should Treasury Bills Be The Risk-Free Asset In Models? (Alpha Architect)
Maybe intermediate-term Treasuries would be the better choice.


Can This Fintech Co. Get RIAs To Ditch Fixed Income ETFs? (RIA Biz)
YieldX uses data that bond ETFs lay bare.


A $3 Trillion Investor Craze Implodes After Ant’s IPO Bust (Bloomberg)
It’s the biggest busted trade in stock-market history. 


Fed Stays In Holding Pattern (Bloomberg)
Fed chair stressed that more fiscal, monetary support was needed.

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