Hot Reads: Surveying ‘Broken’ Asset Classes

June 26, 2020

Compiled by Staff


A Quick Survey Of "Broken" Asset Classes (Research Affiliates)
These assets have a pattern of soon providing excess return.


Fed Puts Restrictions On Bank Dividends (CNBC)
The Fed said in a release that big banks will be required to suspend share buybacks and cap dividend payments.


Trump Administration Targets ESG Funds With 401(k) Rule (Bloomberg)
The Labor Department wants to restrict where retirement plan managers put investors' money.


Redefining Fixed Income (CFA Institute)
The golden age of fixed income is over. That means rethinking portfolio management and risk control.


Intriguing New ESG Funds To Consider (Morningstar)
Here's a look at some of the new sustainable funds of 2020.


What Economists Fear Most During This Recovery (FiveThirtyEight)
73% of economists in the study are predicting a "reverse radical" recovery.


The ‘Work From Home’ ETF Is Here (MarketWatch)
Get ready for some surprises.


Does Size Matter In Selecting ETFs? (ETF Stream)
Fund pickers differ in philosophy and process, but there’s one common theme.


Which ESG Issues Mattered Most? (MSCI)
There's a difference between 'event' and 'erosion' risk.

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