Hot Reads: These Stocks Are Up For The Year

March 19, 2020

Compiled by Staff


S&P 500 Stocks With YTD Gains (Reformed Broker)
Hint: They include video conferencing, supermarkets, cleaning supplies and drugmakers.


Last Chance For Active Managers (Bloomberg)
If stock pickers can’t outperform indexes in the current volatility, they should shut up shop.


Should You Buy Stocks Now? (Of Dollars & Data)
What the VIX is telling investors.


Expecting More Sell-Off? (Zack’s)
Play volatility ETFs.


Treasury Proposes Guaranteeing Money Market Funds In Stimulus (ThinkAdvisor)
Money market mutual funds, which have trillions in assets, could be essential if conditions worsen.


JPMorgan Sees Shorts Behind $9B Influx Into S&P ETFs (Bloomberg)
SPY” pulled in more than $9 billion last week as stocks plummeted.


Gundlach Sees 90% Chance Of Recession This Year (ThinkAdvisor)
But the DoubleLine CEO is “getting less negative on the stock market.”


ECB Announces 750B Euro Asset Purchase Program (CNN)
The European Central Bank announced a huge new money-printing program aimed at keeping the region's financial system functioning.


Credit Is On Sale! (ETF Think Tank)
Pricing in bonds is impaired right now, and investors should act accordingly.


How's Your Bond Fund Holding Up? (Morningstar)
Core bond funds have held steady, but cracks have emerged in corporate credit.


The Downward Spiral In Interest Rates (Visual Capitalist)
Monetary policy is often the first line of defense in settling markets.


Learning From Buffett & Others In A Financial Crisis (Validea)
The recent decline is the fastest drop into bear market territory ever. 

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