Hot Reads: Top 5 Questions About ETFs

August 07, 2019

Compiled by Staff


Answering The Top 5 Questions About ETFs (Vanguard)

ETFs can be an appropriate investment for any investor.


AllianceBernstein Signals Move Into ETFs (Bloomberg)

Asset manager looking for head of ETF capital markets.


When Money Dies (Of Dollars & Data)

On inflation, bitcoin and measuring value.


4 Excellent Dividend-Growth Funds & ETFs (Morningstar)

Dividend-growth strategies stand to hold up well on the downside—an important attraction in a not-cheap market.


Bullish View Amid China Uncertainty (WisdomTree)

Some investor fears about the trade war may be overblown.


Yuan’s Slide Is Gold Standard Moment For China (Bloomberg)
Decision to let the currency weaken beyond 7 to the dollar echoes previous turning points of historic global significance.


Playing The Trade War With ETFs (MarketWatch)
It could be a bumpy ride, but there are approaches ranging from nearly risk-free to extremely hands-on.

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