Hot Reads: Top ETFs Of 10 Year Bull Run

March 14, 2019

Compiled by Staff


Top-Performing ETFs Of The 10-Year Bull-Run (Zacks)
These five ETFs are the best performers in the bull market that turned 10 years old.


ETFs Can Temper Market Crashes, Curb Contagion (Bloomberg)
Primary concerns about how the funds could exacerbate volatility are actually virtues.


Gundlach: We’re On Road To Large Debt Problem (Advisor Perspectives)
National debt has increased by $2 trillion in the last two years.


Understanding, Navigating ETF Premiums & Discounts (Morningstar)
How to make sure you're buying ETF shares at a fair price.


Watching Beta In Volatile Equity Markets (MSCI)
Why you should pay attention to beta when markets are gyrating.


2018 SPIVA: Volatility No Help For Active Performance (Indexology)
It was the fourth-worst year for active managers since 2001.


Conventional Wisdom About Buybacks Is Wrong (Bloomberg)
Stock repurchases may not be the best use of a company’s money.


UK Rejects No-Deal Brexit (CNBC)
U.K. lawmakers reject idea of leaving EU without Brexit deal in place.


SEC Seeks Input On Advisors’ Custody Of Digital Assets (ThinkAdvisor)
Issues raised on regulatory status of advisors’ custodial trading practices involving specific assets.


Investors Confused About Financial Advice (ThinkAdvisor)
Personal Capital says less than half of investors know how much they’re paying in fees.


Are Financial Advisors Ageists? (Advisor Perspectives)
If baby boomers’ advisors lose interest in them when they’re not increasing investments, where does that leave retirees?

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