Hot Reads: Top Tech ETFs For Sept.

September 28, 2020

Compiled by Staff


Top Tech ETFs For September (Forbes)
This pullback could be a solid entry point.


Why ETFs Are Set To Outpace Mutual Funds (Yahoo Finance)
CEO of BNY Mellon’s ETF and Index Business discusses how ETFs are faring amid the pandemic.


Nowhere To Hide: All Major Asset Classes Fell Last Week (Capital Spectator) 
Financial gravity spared no corner of global markets last week.


A Silver-Rated ETF for Core Bond Exposure (Morningstar)
Broad diversification and low costs make this fund a good option for core fixed-income exposure.


Does Financial Leverage Make Stocks Riskier? (FactorResearch)
Or asked differently, can companies boost returns via leverage?


Advisors Face Retirement Income Literacy Gaps (WM)
Less than one in 10 individuals thinks it is 'very likely' they will need long-term health care in retirement. Advisors beg to differ.


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